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Abruptly changing customers' needs and technology-based innovation are governing the IT-ITeS companies these days. These companies are forced to reinvent their existing business models to accommodate modern needs. Upgrading their existing systems and capitalizing on the opportunities is the only way forward in the industry.


There have been tremendous fluctuations in the industry and the constant is the change. In such a scenario, companies have to control their costing, keep up their current market shares, and invest in futuristic plans. Demand for high-quality services can be met only by a quick resolution of customers' problems and rapid solution deployment.


Glorious Insight has worked with several IT and ITeS companies. Our extensive experience in the domain and expertise in the industry helps us deliver high-standard analytics and business intelligence applications. With our solutions, you can enhance your sales and order-to-cash operations, improve profit margins by optimizing the application portfolio, and significantly reduce the cost for technical support provided to the customer.

Business Intelligence

For IT-ITeS companies, BPOs and call centers are among the first points of interaction for the customers. With our solutions, you can analyze how the commitments made at these points are fulfilled. You can analyze the efficiency of completing a call and resolving an issue.


You can also draw advantage of a complete 360-degree view of every project you undertake. You can track and analyze human resource utilization, document management, billing cycle, and financial performance. Our solutions provide facilities to administrate hardware and software and determine the current project state and scope for improvement. We also provide systems for enterprise management and financial planning and strategy-making.

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Enterprise management

The key to success for IT-ITeS companies in the delivery of faster and secure services to the customers. This needs to establish a connection between finance, supply chain, and HR to understand the overall impact on the business. Our systems empower the business leaders and HRs with a detailed and accurate headcount and true capacity of the workforce. This helps in optimizing task delegation and utilization of manpower.


With our services, you can automate the manual financial processes. This helps in the timely generation of analysis and reports to create reliable and profitable plans. It also helps in incorporating new profitable price models.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics services can bring dramatic changes in your overall performance by improving strategies and decision-making. Our systems allow you to improve your one-to-one customer interactions at call centers and identify the section of customers that will be most profitable for a particular campaign. This helps in running targeted campaigns that result in higher ROI.


We offer machine learning solutions to improve the assignment of the right executive for every customer. Our system understands the customers' needs and attitude and directs him/her to the executive that can serve the best. Predictive analysis can give you an insight into the possible response of the audience for a new product or service. This helps in planning services related to these products.


Technological advancement and an increasing set of demands are changing the landscape for the IT-ITeS industry world-wide. Many processes in the industry are repetitive which can be easily automated to improve efficiency and reduce cost overheads. The intelligent automation of ITO has great advantages in different use cases.

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Our expertise extends accross the Industries.

IT services
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Why Glorious Insight ?

We help you increase your productivity

Our experts create customized solutions that bring agility to your processes and manage risks efficiently while freeing you and your expenses for innovation.

We deliver end-to-end IT/ITeS services

Glorious Insight delivers end-to-end solutions that help you streamline your processes with exclusive support for security, IT, and risk management services.

We are backed with rich domain knowledge

Our teams have gathered a rich experience and deep understanding of the domain over the years that help us deliver quality solutions that meet industry standards.

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