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The transport and logistics industry is constantly challenged by the globalization of the market and dynamic changes in the value chain. The demands related to the logistics process are becoming complex making digitalization an integral part of the system. Companies have started realizing the need for a robust and flexible analytics system that can process the huge amount of the company's data and evaluate it timely to fuel more informed decision making.


Customers of the logistics providers are demanding deeper details of the services. They ask for the information such as real-time updates on their freight whereabouts, fastest or shortest route for the transport, and warehouse stock, etc. This necessitates the development of an analytics system that can be applied to sector-specific individual challenges. A solution is needed to be multifaceted that can meet future expansions along with present needs.


Glorious Insight provides analytics solutions that can process large internal data and massive market information to ensure efficient and reliable operations. We have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of various domains in the industry and have been a part of the success story of several leading companies. Whether you deal in regular or consolidated transport by road, water, rail, or air, our services are apt to conduct the operations cost-effectively and timely. We ensure delivering up-to-date information in easy and quick to understand visualization for safe and rapid decision making.

Business Intelligence

Our solutions are focused on the optimization of transport and storage, to the two key factors of successful execution of logistics processes. With our business intelligence solutions, transport and logistics companies are able to cope up with the dynamics of the industry and make profitable decisions.


With real-time data process and presented in interactive visualization, companies can provide valuable information to their customers about their freight. They can maintain cost transparency and map the process on the go.


Detailed analysis of the transport and storage throughout the process help in making decisions to reduce cost while maintaining service quality. Analytics results can be applied to each stage of the value chain and make necessary alterations from time-to-time to meet the organizational and operational objectives and standardizing processes.

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Enterprise management

Analytics helps companies to maximize their returns on transports spendings. Predictive analytics enables accurate anticipation of demands and shipment volume. This ensures that the companies can refine their transport planning and make maximum utilization of resources for greater ROI.


Our solutions help you to gain end-to-end visibility through every logistic process. Cross-system and inter-department document flow are made seamless that assists in evaluating the implementation of decisions. You can make more informed decisions regarding freight consolidation and rate negotiation.


Our solutions have the explicit implementation of charge tacking, auditing, and accrual generation. With these features, you make cost-settlement precise by eliminating invoice error and reducing overcharges. The solutions are easy to integrate and use and can accommodate future expansions seamlessly.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics can provide customers with real-time tracking information such as order and tentative delivery date, volume, current location, and delivery destination. Analyzing customers' data along with warehouse data provides insight into the prospects' reaction to new SKUs, rate increase, and changing frequency of deliveries. This helps in creating a predictive model of the customers' expectations and reducing churn.


Embedding analytics in daily processing helps in evaluating the storage capacity and utilization, SKUs performance, KPIs for people involved, fleet utilization, and several other factors to provide cost-effective quality services. It also helps in channel partner management and improves profitability in every stage of operation.


Transport and logistics is an age-old industry that used to focus on shifting people and goods from source to destination location. The concept was based on infrastructure availability and geography. However, business intelligence and analytics have transformed the industry to a great extent. The focus is now to optimize operations and provide reliable services to the customers.


Predictive models are created using descriptive analytics of the past data to anticipate future trends, business needs, and making long-term plans. Powered with analytics of retrospective data, decision-makers can device accurate solutions to various issues and respond quickly and even proactively

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We develop solutions with real-time data analytic

We master implementing technologies such as IoT and cloud computing to deliver you real-time data analytics to enhance your efficiency.

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Our team focuses to deliver solutions that withstand the test of time and also drive business growth and can be quickly and easily scale up.

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