AWS Implementation

Leverage our strategic services and the power of flexible AWS infrastructure to achieve resilient business growth and sustainable competitive edge.

AWS from Amazon is a dominant cloud service provider that can help you achieve your business objectives with greater efficiency and ease. It comprises an assortment of cloud platforms, infrastructure platforms, catalog services, and services for application development and cloud management. By leveraging the capabilities of the AWS platform you can draw maximum returns from your cloud implementation. It accelerates the entire process of cloud implementation and makes it seamless and cost-effective. Glorious Insight helps the clients to gain sustainable business advantages by adopting AWS cloud. Our team is powered by exhaustive experience and specialized skills that assist you to realize desired outcomes with precision. We make sincere efforts to ensure agile and smooth accomplishment of the goals of your cloud computing initiative.

Establishing a vision
Align goals with business
Test with the pilot launch
Scale pilot to complete solution
Refine and optimize the solution
Benefit from business outcomes
More Analytics Tools

AWS houses a selection of analytics tools for Query Data in S3 using SQL, Managed Search Service, Run and Scale Elasticsearch Clusters, Hosted Hadoop Framework, work with Real-time Streaming Data, Fully managed Apache Kafka service and beyond.

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Easy Integration

AWS Function orchestrators link AWS Lambda functions and multiple AWS services to business-critical applications. Amazon AppFlow facilitates data transfer between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications (Salesforce and Marketo), and AWS services like Amazon S3 and Redshift.

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Cost Management

AWS presents a comprehensive cost and usage report. It gives you the freedom to set custom cost and usage budgets. Using the flexible pricing model of AWS, you can save up to 72% on the compute usage. Configure your Budget Actions with IAM policies, Service Control Policies (SCPs), etc.

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Easy Governance

Using Amazon CloudWatch easily monitor the consumption of service built for DevOps engineers, developers, site reliability engineers (SREs), and IT managers. CloudWatch has actionable insights to monitor your applications and respond to system-wide performance changes.

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AWS Auto Scaling keeps track of applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.  AWS has a simple, powerful user interface to handle Amazon EC2 instances and Spot Fleets, and Amazon ECS tasks,

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IAM (Identity and Access Management) is available with AWS at no additional charge. Create and manage AWS users and groups, and use permissions to enable or disable access to AWS resources. Manage access to AWS services and resources from anywhere.

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Your avenue to successful AWS implementation

AWS system comes with a huge array of services and features that can be overwhelming for enterprises. Our consulting team is proficient with the full suite of AWS systems. We work closely with your team to determine your specific needs and develop a tailored solution through a strategic process.

Why choose Glorious Insight for AWS implementation?

Robust and resilient implementation

With the on-point expertise of our team, we focus on providing robust applications that are also exponentially scalable to accommodate your business growth. Designing and implementing small microservices, we ensure rapid and resilient implementation

Scalable solutions with quick time-to-market

Time is a critical factor when you plan to offer new services. Our profound team capitalizes on the AWS capabilities to configure and deploy scripts to support your applications in clouds. This elevates salability and dramatically reduces time-to-market

On-going collaboration and streamlining compliance

Glorious Insight offers a wide range of AWS cloud services for end-to-end implementation. We provide continuous assistance from consultation to post-implementation services. Our constant monitoring also helps in audits and regulation compliances with the least efforts and time.

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