Consumer Goods

Market dynamics change in a fraction and data allows you to adjust the demand-supply paradigm using technology. We help derive actionable intelligence for lucrative outcomes.

Operation optimization and customer engagement is the heart of the consumer goods industry. The industry has been stable for a long time until digitalization disrupted the ecosystem. With the changing companies' environment, customer buying behavior, and the addition of many new competitors have forced the companies to transform their operations and service delivery methods. They are bound to reinvent themselves and find innovative ways to capture and retain customers.


Consumer goods companies have to respond to fluctuating demands, experiment, and innovate quickly with their products and optimize the supply chain to stay afloat during testing times. This puts tremendous pressure on determining the cost of the products while keeping an eye on the margins.


Glorious Insight has extensive domain experience and deep understanding and expertise in technology. We have provided enterprise-grade analytics and business intelligence solutions to several major consumer goods companies. With our solutions, you can effectively optimize cost, streamline operations based on-demand analytics, and build brand equity.


Our analytics solutions can put together both historical data and new-age data from different sources such as PoS, social media, etc. It provides insight to optimize the end-to-end supply chain, gain a deep understanding of customer behavior and preferences, and design targeted marketing campaigns for effective customer engagement.

Business Intelligence

Our thorough knowledge of the industry helps us develop and implement customized solutions that can offer unmatched business intelligence and visual analytics. You can make your entire value chain transparent and gain visibility from region to shelf. It helps in effective real-time inventory management and handling out-of-stock situations.


You can conduct a category-based analysis of products to determine the profitability of each one of them. Scrutinizing product segments, pricings, and retailers' performance is also simplified. All this information is presented in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand formats with interactive and dynamic querying facilities. A detailed understanding of profitability helps in making better marketing and promotion plans for all the operation channels to ensure increased ROI.

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Enterprise management

In the present data and age, consumer demands are changing at a rapid pace. With our analytics systems, you can collect and incorporate feedback quickly. This helps in faster product innovation and reduces the time to market. By launching new products that meet the customers' requirements closely, you can capture the market and get ahead of your competition.


We create customized solutions to enable you to forecast and plan accurately. You can optimize the production capacity and distribution processes. Simplified reports about the detailed analysis of the performance of the field team help in determining incentives and compensations. This helps in improving overall company performance and making budgetary decisions to derive a profitable future.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics data can be a game-changer for any consumer goods company. It provides you insight into every big and small aspect that can directly or indirectly affect the overall performance.

Consumer goods companies often have several outlets and multiple touchpoints to attend their customers. This makes the task of inventory management quite challenging. Advanced analytics can help in maintaining real-time inventory based on data-driven demand forecasts.


It can be applied to identify the performing stock keeping units (SKU). You get the information regarding the SKUs performing better in a particular retail format and decide which one should be swapped in or out to match customers' needs. You can find the most profitable marketing channel that can significantly increase your ROI. With an advanced analysis of the value of customer segments, outlets, and product categories you can improve your operations while adhering to industry standards and state regulations.

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Our expertise extends accross the Industries.

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Why Glorious Insight ?

We provide high-quality comprehensive solution

We offer a wide assortment of solutions for consumer goods including management of inventory, order, sales, product lifecycle, customer, etc.

We delegate a dedicated team of seasoned experts

Our profound industry experts are well-versed with challenges such as rapid sales, order and warehouse management, etc, and ensure effective solutions development.

We develop resilient solutions that can withstand every disruption

Glorious Insight provides resilient solutions to addresses the frequent disruption in the industry, changing customers’ expectations, and fluctuating economies and norms.

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