Cloud Assessement

Strategically prepare your organization for the odyssey to the clouds with expert consultation and cloud assessment.

Migrating to clouds is only successful when you have formulated an exhaustive and practical strategy for implementation. You must address questions around organizational cost and ROI and governance and management of cloud to ensure profitable cloud adaptation. This evaluation and planning must be done before embarking to avoid any hurdles in the journey. Glorious Insight provides comprehensive cloud assessment services and existing systems to recommend services for migration. We make a minute evaluation of various cloud services based on performance and capabilities. Our experts drill down the options and propose the best-fit operating models, processes, and technologies. We make a multi-dimensional assessment including several aspects.

Cloud readiness
Business cases and cost analysis
Alignment with business strategies
Roadmap recommendation
Best functional practices
Quantitative assessment
Select Cloud Type

We assess the built-in features and capability of available cloud computing solutions and map them against the operational needs, and risks. The exercise helps in choosing the right cloud computing model that can contribute to business success.

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Smooth Migration

A thorough assessment of your IT-based processes and operations including application metadata helps us know the cloud service design requirement, identify appropriate cloud deployment methodology for each application, and perform the migration to the cloud seamlessly.

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Cloud Service Management

The assessment helps us plan, design, deliver, operate, and control IT and cloud services. We can strategize the cloud service management roles, cloud service economics, and cloud service governance to improve operational aspects of your applications and services.

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High Availability Service

The adoption of the right cloud model and its appropriate management ensures the high availability of service or information. We make sure the service remains accessible as well. This contributes to workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Build Authority and Trust

An efficient workforce establishes you as an authoritative leader in the industry and you win the confidence of stakeholders including customers, employees, and partners. The position helps you get more business and drive growth.

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Build a Resilient Business

The adoption of a high-end cloud model is instrumental in ensuring data safety, data resilience, and business continuity. Glorious Insight helps you embarking on the right cloud strategy that helps you stay competitive and reduce the operational cost.

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How does our cloud assessment pave the avenue for cloud migration?

Glorious insight provides an extensive assessment of cloud services to enable you to pick the best cloud for your enterprise. We deliver umbrella services that encompass the assessment of all the entities involved in cloud migration.

Why choose Glorious Insight for cloud assessment services?

We ensure efficiently and accelerated migration

Our assessment reports are instrumental in deriving cloud migration strategies. Detailed planning and preparedness save time and money and help a smooth transition.

We mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities

With our cloud assessment services, you can foresee possible risks and take timely actions to avoid them. You can also better prepare to recover in the event of a mishap.

We follow a multi-dimensional approach to cover all bases

Our cloud assessment services are comprehensive and include an evaluation of all aspects. We give you an assessment of every entity involved, from vendors to the impact of migration.

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