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With everything getting prepared to move at the speed of light, 5G will drive the future ahead. We help integrate new improvements and prepare your business for the 5G revolution.

Rising customer demands for new services and features, changing regulations, technological shifts, and cutthroat competition are presenting new challenges to the telecom companies now and then. While adhering to the state regulations, companies have to find innovative ways to satisfy customers and deliver quality service to stay in the market. One thing that can help in achieving this goal is leveraging the huge amount of data that is stored unused by the companies.


Unlike the traditional models created by just a few companies in a particular country, the industry is evolving with several companies striving to reinvent the working model and grow globally. Telcos get vast data from cell phone usage, call details, billing information, server log, and network connectivity. This data can provide unprecedented insight into the customers’ expectations and level of satisfaction and the company’s standing in the market.


Glorious Insight has worked with several telecom companies to transform the way they operate to improve efficiency and profitability. We understand the changing landscape of the industry and use our detailed knowledge in various domains to provide customized BI and analytics solutions. We provide comprehensive solutions that optimize your marketing strategies, customer experience, and decision support and provide a competitive edge over others.

Business Intelligence

Our BI solution collates data from different sources and departments and provides a unified view throughout the company. It enables precise and quick anticipation of customers' needs and data-driven decision making. With our solution, you can take practical calls for investments and derive effective strategies to achieve target profit margins.


All customers look the same on papers. But with the meticulous analysis, you can differentiate loyal customers and those who are mostly indifferent. This helps in prioritizing the customers and delivering personalized services that increase customers' lifetime value and average revenue per customer, vital KPIs for telcos.


We offer centralized state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions with impeccable data security and reliability. Telecom companies can derive benefits from the ideal utilization of their digital asset (data) using our analytics services and centralized architecture.

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Enterprise management

With the growing competition, the cost of customer acquisition for telecom companies is on the rise. Also, it results in shrinking market spaces. Companies have to deliver nothing short of the best to gain customer loyalty. This requires optimization of all the enterprise operations.


Empowered with information-driven from the current data and past records, enterprise managers can focus on cost-control, revenue assurance, and target bound marketing. The innovation team can better understand market trends and customers' behavior and develop enticing new services to attract more clientele and earn profits. Quick and customized report generation helps better utilizing your workforce as no technical expertise is needed for the job.


You can reconcile and analyze the end-to-end processes and adapt to fluctuating trends to ensure continuous services. The systems are easy to integrate and can accommodate future business expansion. Each project manager can utilize the project-specific configuration while keeping the control-centralized. It helps in maintaining uniform standards throughout the enterprise.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics allows the telecom companies to process wide varieties and massive volumes of data to gain accurate and actionable insight into their business operations. They can resolve customers’ issues faster, sell more, and can offer distinguished services. Companies can provide better optimization and network performance while keeping the price reasonable.


With advanced analytics companies can develop innovative services and deliver them to the customers quickly. Reduced time to market is necessary to ensure that the services are unique and engaging. It reduces the probability of customer churn and increases the chances of conversions of new prospects. You can derive fact-based strategies that help in achieving daily operational goals and long-term organizational objectives.


The value and efficiency of data analytics and business intelligence have become evident in due course of time. These have been the fuel for the successful run for the companies in every industry and telecom is no different. Companies are deploying analytics and BI to build effective marketing campaigns and business strategies, optimize daily operations, and maximize profits.


Incorporating IT solutions is remodeling the core operations of telecom companies such as data exchange, import, and transfer. Every minute, the volume of data traveling on the channel is increasing. This has made the traditional methods of operation irrelevant. Data analytics and BI helps in the efficient processing of these constantly growing data sets and provide insight that is critical in making profitable decisions and offering quality services.

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