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The landscape for high-tech companies is changing at a scintillating pace. New technologies or updates in technologies are introduced every few days. Companies are also responding well by embracing these technological developments. It accelerates innovation and steers the rapid development of new products and services. Going digital and the drifting to the clouds have necessitated the need for a new dynamic business model.


Products and services from the tech companies are dominated by solutions that provide data-driven and software-defined everything to the clients. Companies provide products that can automate everything and provide an integrated technological infrastructure for holistic management. This has led to the introduction of concepts like software-as-a-service, product-as-a-service, software-defined networking, model-based product development, and software-defined data centers.


High-tech firms must be aware and alert about the changing ecosystems so that they provide the most updated enterprise software, hardware, or networking. To navigate through this technological maze, companies need to team up with relevant partners so that they can focus on the core issues. Glorious Insight provides technology services for the digital transformation of products from ideation to maintenance. We have worked with several technology clients that hold a solid position in the market. With the help of our AI and ML-based products, cloud support, and data and analytics-driven solutions, technology clients have outperformed their competitors and more efficiently capitalized their value chain.

Business Intelligence

Some of the primary objectives of technology companies include delivering reliability, lesser time-to-market for the products, and speed up the cloud-based revenue generation. The quest to fulfilling these targets is faced with several challenges such as multiple promising tools, creation of a unified environment, and management of diverse teams. These challenges can significantly hit reliability and negatively impact the velocity of the business.


Our ML and AI-based solutions provide a platform that helps in coupling development and operations environments and offer a unified front. Companies get reliable engineering and management for holistic ownership. It helps in the preparation of production and manages the release of the products. an agile and dynamic testing environment can be created that can be monitored and adapted in real-time. With AI-based optimization and native cloud architecture, we encourage the development and delivery of cloud-based microservices and containerization. Tech companies can deliver products and services at reduced cost and higher agility and reliability.

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Enterprise management

The past few years have marked remarkable advancement in technology and technological products. Considering the present scenario, we are pacing towards a technology-driven world that is powered with automation. The future of the companies is based on data and its utilization to ensure quality products and services. In the present world, the right business technology can mean the difference between success and failure of any tech company.


Individually a technology may look highly promising but it has to perform with other components to be useful. Companies have to understand the importance of their products in a complex integrated environment and anticipate their life cycle to precisely estimate their ROI. The current market situation presents a promising opportunity for high-tech firms to expand and earn by working on the two emerging pillars: cloud and analytics. Products that can combine these pillars with the power of AI and ML can cement a company's position in the market.

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Advanced analytics

Technology is changing at an accelerating pace forcing the companies to keep reinventing to stay afloat in the market. The rapid introduction of new products shortens the life cycle of technology products. This makes it challenging for high tech firms to find new customers and retain the existing base.


Businesses are bound to actively manage production and customer engagement while providing a personalized experience. Our solutions help in reducing churn with changing technology products and increase revenue generation by an efficient capitalization of new sales.


With extensive industry experience and technical expertise, we can provide assist tech companies to strategically mature their existing products and draft and implement end-of-life strategy for the products going out of the market to minimize the impact on the brand.


We deploy extensive product research and predictive analytics to understand users' requirements and inclination. This helps in ensuring maximum customer retention for the companies. By collaborating with us, companies can better plan their operations for the right product design, resource allocation, and right team sizing that optimizes TCO and increases revenue generation.

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