Infra Security

Secure your IT infrastructure against complex threats and malicious attacks, protect data, applications, and networks, and attain maximum IT uptime

Global Insight has a team of experienced infrastructure security network professionals with hands-on experience in setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting major firewall platforms (Checkpoint, Juniper, Cisco, Fortinet, etc.). With a strong knowledge of encryption and tunneling protocols (IPSec, SSL VPN, TLS, IKE, IKEv2, etc.), we help you build a secure IT infrastructure that enables your workforce to communicate and collaborate in a worry-free manner. We have the capability to quickly react to the emerging threat landscape and change or update the existing security posture to make it more relevant and effective. We also fortify your customer-facing platforms and help you keep customers’ privacy and confidentiality intact when they contact or access your service or product.

Cloud readiness
Business cases and cost analysis
Alignment with business strategies
Roadmap recommendation
Best functional practices
Quantitative assessment
Our Approach

We conduct risk, vulnerability, and compliance assessment evaluation from a host/virtual machine level security to network-level security to application-level security. Current and emerging threats and internet attacks are kept in mind. We apply standard infrastructure security assessment practices in the process. The exercise provides the Infrastructure security roadmap for your organization, processes, and data.

We can guide you regarding the Infrastructure Access Control Lists creation. ACLs are deployed at the network ingress point. ACLs permit only explicitly authorized IP addresses and protocols to query the network from untrusted networks. We help you block all critical security threat vectors as follows.

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Reconnaissance Attacks

These vectors scan network topologies to identify vulnerable devices (open ports, no passwords, OS vulnerabilities, etc.) and plan their attacks to ensure maximum damage to data and applications.

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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

This is an IP packet-based attacks at the network infrastructure to compromise its performance and reliability. It makes it difficult for legitimate users to access organizational data.

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Theft of Service Attacks

This is a complete takeover of the network service for its unauthorized use to spread malware or launch attacks targeted at other systems beyond the organization. The creation of ACL helps.

Why Work with Glorious Insights for Infra Security

Certified Professionals

Glorious Insight has a team of infrastructure security professionals with certification earned from The International Information System Security Certification Consortium or ISACA who knowns the ethics and standard practices of auditing, controlling, monitoring, and assessing an organization’s information technology and business systems.

Industry Expertise

Every industry has specific requirements, challenges, and risks. Besides, IT infrastructure varies a bit from one business to another. Glorious Insight has a team of experienced IT professionals with hands-on experience in infrastructure security implementation across healthcare, IT, telecom, power, travel, hospitality, and beyond.

Extended Support

Glorious Insight stands by your side even after the completion of the project. We make sure that the technology investment serves the intended purpose - facilitating 360-degree security against threats- from accidental to planned phase. The safety of processes, data, people, and other assets contributes to workforce efficiency and growth.

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