Database Security

Protect your business and customer data before it’s too late. Secure it at every stage from the point of creation, in use, in transit, and at rest.

Glorious Insight helps you protect and secure your organizational database from illegitimate use and malicious threats and attacks. Whether it's securing an on-premise database or a cloud-based database, we, at Glorious Insight, are competent in designing, orchestrating, and deploying the best security architecture and policies that serve the purpose well. We are a team of experienced enterprise data scientists, architects, security consultants, system architects, and security administrators committed to helping businesses drive growth in a worry-free manner. We have hands-on experience in maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of your database with the use of standard technologies, and practices. We keep a watch on the emerging e-threat landscapes and other risks to keep our solution relevant and effective. We not just help with protecting your database, but also building business resilience and ensuring that the company's information remains accessible to authorized users whenever and wherever they need it. Drive business productivity with authentication-based access.

Cloud readiness
Business cases and cost analysis
Alignment with business strategies
Roadmap recommendation
Best functional practices
Quantitative assessment
Designing the Database Security Solution: Our Approach

We take into account the complete data flow from the point of creation, in use, in transit, and at rest while assessing the risks involved at each stage. We also examine the competency of the IT security system in place to protect the data.

Our network security professionals take into account the weakness and strengths of your IT infrastructure. We assess the current and emerging risks involved to build a robust database security solution. Strict adherence to the Compliance Programs induced by industry regulators makes our solution work better. Gain 360-degree visibility of the database security aspects from anywhere with our cloud-based solution. Here are four stages or components of our database security solution.

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Database Level Security

Securing the database with advanced Masking, Tokenization, SSL, Encryption, or other standard techniques.

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Access Level Security

Ensuring database access to legitimate users based on pre-defined Access Control Lists and Permissions rules.

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Regular Backup Security

Backing up sensitive data on a secure server (on-premise or cloud) builds resilience and ensures business continuity

Why Work with Glorious Insights for Database Security

Certified Professionals

Glorious Insight has a team of database engineers with certifications from Microsoft, IBM, MongoDB, Oracle, and other database vendors, who are well acquainted with implementing the built-in security module of the particular database. Database engineers work in tandem with ISACA and (ISC)² certified professionals to build a full-proof IT ecosystem.

Industry Expertise

Our team members draw in rich-experience from across various public, private, and hybrid sectors. This diversity is our key to success. No matter what you do, and what industry you belong to, we have the expertise and experience to provide protection to your data and build resilience. We apply the standard database security protocols and help you respond to all security threats.

Extended Support

Besides database security and auditing, we are competent in performing intermediate to advanced tasks related to database design and implementation, operation and recovery, performance, and installation and migration/upgrades specific to the z/OS operating system. By offering end-to-end support, we make sure your organization’s processes remain up and running.

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