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Whether it is television, Internet, mobile, cinema, or print, media and entertainment have been a highly dynamic and ever-changing industry. Every section of the industry experiences a fast-paced landscape transformation. Companies are forced to keep abreast of the changes and keep innovating to stay afloat.


Media and entertainment companies deliver content over multiple platforms and cater to a wide range of audiences. Also, every change in society, environment, politics, etc impacts the way people consume entertainment services. The biggest challenge is to stay relevant and engaging to the rapidly changing consumers.


In recent years, companies have faced exceptional competition. There is a quest to deliver global content. This has exponentially increased the number of users and also the diversity in their taste and preferences. In addition to that consumers like to be served with personalized content and services which are the biggest challenges to these companies.


Glorious Insight provides analytics and business intelligence solutions to several leading companies in the media and entertainment industry. We provide solution systems that consolidate a vast variety of data and analyze it in real-time. This greatly assists the companies in understanding consumer behavior and measuring their responses to various content pieces. Detailed insight into the audience reactions helps in monitoring engagement and ratings, production, boosting advertising revenue, evaluates the profitability of campaigns. This helps in delivering the content that the audience craves for, improve acquisition rate, and customer loyalty.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence allows the media and entertainment companies to bring together all the wealth and variety of data to improve decision making. Media companies have a large amount of data coming from traditional enterprise operating systems, data aggregators, advertising responses, social media, etc.


You get a holistic solution to optimize your operations and maximize profits by incorporating customer traffic, staffing, logistic information, supply chain, etc. This helps in ensuring exceptional customer experience with personalized services and greater revenue generation.


The system analyses data in real-time and generates insightful reports for the management. The analytics results are available in no time and interactive format and attractive visualization. This helps the management to take quick decisions to respond to any situation and make profitable plans for long-term objectives.

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Enterprise Management

An enterprise management program is a specialized solution that provides a 360-degree control and assessment of the company. You can analyze, plan, register, and control all the activities of the company in a real-time environment.


While the analysis of the consumer data governs the production, analytics also plays a crucial role in other aspects of enterprise management. Every media company operates in collaboration with other partners. The system facilitates and manages electronic document exchange and contract creation between the parties.


It acquires legacy data and current data to make precise estimates for budget preparation. Machine learning and statistical models are used to derive accurate yet flexible financial plans including timekeeping and payroll, infrastructure and other resources, etc. With the help of a comprehensive enterprise management system, companies can register significant subscriber growth, effective business development, improve media sales team performance, streamline billing processing, and conduct and track targeted advertising.

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Advanced Analytics

The media and entertainment industry has to read several pieces of information and data to evaluate its performance and make investment decisions. These include blockbuster charts, TV ratings, customer reviews, social media reactions, critics rating, etc. Advanced data analytics can remarkably improve the assessment of these performance indicators and help companies by providing actionable insights.


It scrutinizes the audience's mindsets and expressions and deploys predictive analytics to assist content discovery. This results in the development of content that is more appreciated and consumed by the audience and generates greater revenue. Analytics can streamline data from multiple channels, devices, and distribution platforms to give you a better understanding of what your demography craves for.


Digital reality poses new challenges for big players in the media and entertainment industry. The increasing competition and market uncertainty forced the companies to reduce operating costs and increase revenue generation from the delivered content. New rules come to life now and then and require the companies to think extra creative solutions to achieve operational and organizational solutions.


Technologies like big data analysis, data science, and machine learning algorithms help develop solutions that enable paying attention to all the contributing factors. Companies can establish a direct relationship between consumers' expectations, companies' actions, and revenue generation.

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