Empower your retail business ahead by fueling the same with technology and actionable intelligence to drive sales and revenues. An omnichannel data-driven customer experience.

The world is getting smarter each day with affordable feature-rich smartphones and the availability of high-speed internet anytime everywhere. This has brought a powerful wave of a new section of customers that are now ruling the retail businesses. Customers have now become online shoppers. They have several options for changing applications and look for choices and features in every product. This has made the market highly competitive.


With expertise in rapidly changing technologies, Glorious Insight provides services that ensure customer retention and acquisition and maintain high industry standards. Our proficiency in retail and technology serves both e-commerce and m-commerce platforms effectively. We have a dedicated team that ensures delivering personalized solutions that meet your operational and organizational goals. We provide application management, API management, cloud-support, and other customized features to monitor and improve your performance indicators. Our analytics services for retail are three-fold.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions allow you to evaluate, monitor, and visualize your KPIs and goals in the form of quantitative metrics. With the help of some of the most powerful market analytics tools such as Power BI, QlikView, SAS, and others, we could provide accurate measures for more informed and effective decision making.


We provide a customizable dashboard that simplifies self-service analytics. It enables you to carry out customer analysis, sales, analysis, market analysis, merchandise analysis, operational analysis, etc.

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Enterprise management

Every process in retail is coupled with the other. Analysis of one segment alone cannot serve the purpose of decision-making and optimizing overall operations and throughput. To accomplish that we provide a comprehensive solution and bring all the data to one platform. This helps in better tracking of performance, detailed deliberation, and delineate winning plans.


Our solutions help in optimizing resources and handling uncertainties. You can better allocate your budget and people to take on such situations. You can base your future financial decisions on the analysis reports related to market spending and overall trade management. Our solutions provide efficient management of the entire supply chain that enables accurate planning.

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Advanced analytics

We offer a wide range of retail analytics services that include customer analysis, RFM analysis, inventory analysis, and traffic analysis of all the channels. These services provide information related to different marketing channels and their profitability. You get an insight into market trends and derive effective strategies. Customer analysis can help in improving service quality, identifying profitable products and channels, make recommendations, and improve sales.


New retail channels such as e-commerce and m-commerce have transformed the play significantly. Cutthroat competition and complex customer behavior have made the retail business significantly more challenging. Slicing all the distractions and reaching to the customer has become the need of the hour.


To address these challenges businesses have to think beyond a single strategy. Technology-driven evolution has opened many ways to increase your business value. You can know in no time what the customer wants, what the competition is planning, and what is the customers’ reaction to a new product. Data analytics fuels the development of optimal strategies that are more profitable and ensure your firm presence in the market. This also allows you to be prepared for the future and act proactively to adapt to new changes.

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Our expertise extends accross the Industries.

Super Market and Hyper Stores
Auto Retailers
Grocery Stores
Multichannel Stores

Why Glorious Insight ?

We bring agility and reduce time to market

Our team is driven to innovate and create solutions that accelerate your operations and deliver a huge competitive advantage with a shorter time to market.

We provide scalable solutions and promote growth

Glorious Insight is committed to the growth of our clients and creates solutions that are highly flexible and scalable to accommodate business growth.

We offer round the clock support

We work as an extension to your team and provide quality support 24x7 to address your issues and queries and ensure uninterrupted up-time.

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