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The transport and logistics industry is constantly Customers' demand for perfection and the introduction and amalgamation of technology is bringing a new industrial revolution that is transforming the manufacturing companies. Whether you are dealing with service-components or finished goods, customers expect excellent quality at the most honest pricing. This has led the manufacturing industry to drift towards a data-driven paradigm. The new approach circles around intelligent data analytics that drive manufacturing decisions and operations.


Manufacturing organizations are known to have several moving parts that generate data in each turn, This leads to the accumulation of huge volumes of data that often stays in silos and is never exploited to its highest potential. Glorious Insight serves several manufacturing companies to surmount these challenges. We provide solutions that can utilize the data for customer analytics and enterprise analytics and optimize the entire processing.


We work closely with the companies and utilize our extensive experience in the industry to help collect data from various sources. With our technical expertise, we create machine learning models and powerful visualization over the data and provide actionable information. Deeper insight into every step of the process helps the organization to optimize the entire process from the acquisition of the raw material to the sale of finished goods. We provide three-tier services to achieve this goal.

Business Intelligence

We provide a holistic solution that covers all the aspects of a manufacturing company. Our solution can:

 optimize the supply chain by providing information related to customers' demands and goods delivery.

 analyze several factors like machine utilization, machine downtime, cost of process efficiency, losses, and cycle time at all units, etc to develop complex metrics to evaluate KPI.

 utilize multi-layer information to material tracking and analyzing manufacturing and production cost.

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Enterprise management

Manufacturing companies work on a multi-tier model that includes supply chain, boardroom, and shop floor. We provide solutions that unify these tiers and optimize overall enterprise performance. You can assign targets and monitor their fulfillment across different geographical locations and channels to assess their efficiency.

You get full visibility of raw material, human resource, and financial resources to plan the processes and stick to them. You can also get solutions for customer behavior analysis to get feedback and streamline your production and distribution. This also helps in delivering quality post-sale services to keep your customers happy and connected to your products.

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Advanced analytics

With our advanced analytics services, companies can get a deeper insight and formulate winning plans and models. By analyzing historical data of machinery at production units, you can anticipate possible failures and call for proactive maintenance.

When it comes to the supply chain, thousands of parameters can affect the profitability of the process. You can understand these parameters better and optimize them to maximize profit. Predictive analytics can also provide insight into raw material shortage and possible delays in the delivery and help maintain ample quality. Also, machine learning allows you to reduce testing costs while ensuring superior quality production.


Optimizing their entire process end-to-end is the need of the hour for manufacturing companies. Barring physical aspects, changing market, edgy competition, financial and managerial aspects also impact the overall performance of the company. Cost and margins pressure increases with automation. This necessitates solutions that can ensure production gain and efficiency and help you stay competitive and profitable. Today, many manufacturers have started recognizing the potential of data science and analytics. They have realized that analytics plays a vital role in optimizing resource utilization, increasing margins, and bringing down the cost and chose to invest in it.

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Our expertise extends accross the Industries.

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Why Glorious Insight ?

We provide comprehensive solutions to enable smart manufacturing

Glorious Insight is home to state-of-the-art technologies that effectively automate manufacturing operations, bring agility, and enhance performance significantly.

We help you boost your efficiency with self-service solutions

Our solutions have intuitive interfaces and are designed for the self-service operation which reduces dependency on IT and elevates operational efficiency.

We provide affordable solutions that make you future-ready

We create affordable solutions that serve businesses of all scales and capacity that delivers a competitive advantage with a clear vision into the future.

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