Decision Automation

Bring agility to your business by modeling and managing business decisions across the enterprise with our decision automation.

The next big thing in decision making after decision support systems is decision automation. It is a huge leap towards futuristic technology adaptation. Unlike DSS, decision automation solutions are capable of taking decisions and learning from their success and failure. These smart solutions are intelligent enough to process data against business rules to make efficient, profitable, and actionable decisions. Business rules are translated into decision logics and easily integrated with Enterprise’s IT systems. This allows you to execute and scale business decisions over multiple channels that your organization works on. Glorious Insight provides its clients all-inclusive end-to-end decision automation solutions with unmatched flexibility and scalability. Any change in business rules can be easily reflected in the automation to keep it abreast with the organization's growth and transformation. Our solutions are tailored especially to meet your unique decision-making needs and deliver several benefits.

Deliver power to business users
Enhanced real-time decision making
Boost business agility and throughput
Save Time

Whether it’s batch scanning records for digital conversion or for document profiling – capture automation saves time. It’s stress-free and less prone to errors. We provide you full control over capture automation. Set rules and permissions, enable or disable, and do more.

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Quick Approval

Screenshot and QR recognition is the common form of capture automation that you use in day-to-day life. Whether you are in B2B or B2C business, we can help you speed up your approval process across all departments from sales and marketing to customer service.

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Data Safety

Document or data capturing is a replication of data. The backup created by the capture automation tool safeguards your organizational data as you do not lose access to them in case of any data loss crisis. Distribute the copied data to more servers and more locations.

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Improve Visibility

The quick and easy sharing mechanism involved with the capture automation tool helps your team to share data or records within the process. It helps to maintain the visibility of the associated process. Users have authentication-based access that means security is also not an issue.

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Sorting Documents

The automated capturing tool can sort the documents based on pre-defined criteria or rules. The technology reads the text or image on the page and automatically classifies it. It helps to create organized repositories for each set of documents, which makes them easily accessible.

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Verifying Accuracy

If you work with multiple vendors or stakeholders, it’s easy to verify the authenticity of the documents as the capture automation tool is closely integrated with the backend system. Recall the verification of the QR code of a payment app with the number associated.

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Models for comprehensive decision automation for your enterprise

Glorious Insight provides automation for everyday operational decisions that do not need human intervention. We understand your customers’ expectations for real-time decision making and formulate solutions that precisely translate your business rules into rapid decision-making.

Why choose Glorious Insight for Decision Automation?

We deliver a consistent 360-degree decision automation

Our team earnestly studies your business rules and operations and creates automation models that guarantee consistency across the enterprise. We make sure that the end-to-end view is maintained with a single valid business context and is measurable and configurable.

We provide scalable performance-oriented automation

We understand your unique requirements and expectations and the need for constant growth. Our solutions are flexible and scalable that allow you to easily configure additions and alterations in the rules that drive automated decisions.

We ensure complete transparency and auditabilityxperts

Glorious Insight’s decision automation solutions are completely transparent giving you full disclosure to business models and their execution. Every operational decision made by the system can be reproduced which simplifies audits and improvements.

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