As banking gets highly enticed by technology, we are helping them in paving their way to digital innovation. The next evolution is driven by data bolstered by us.

The present scenario has transformed the BFSI industry significantly. In light of economic uncertainty, tighter regulations, and investor's changing preferences, companies have to adapt to the new normal. Financial institutes are seeking a complete digital transformation that optimizes process, people, and technology.


Glorious Insight combines industry-specific knowledge with expertise in BFSI IT solutions to enable companies to sustain their services and target growth by providing quality services to their customers. We collaborate closely with your domain expert to provide visual analytics throughout the company to every user/stakeholder. Some of the key features we offer include the following.

Business Intelligence

We analyze individual positions to evaluate cost and performance based on market, sector, portfolio manager, broker, etc. A comprehensive analysis is reported and presented in easy to understand form to make better business decisions and their effective implementation.


Our services also focus on providing a unified regulatory framework across the organization. You can monitor and control all the process centrally. This helps in identifying and evaluating the impact of any change in the regulations. We also help in obtaining a deep and clear insight into customer behavior. We help in analyzing the performance of staff and recognize problem areas to make informed decisions.

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Enterprise management

We develop collaborative workspaces that allow users to stay connected and updated. This helps in the efficient identification of opportunities. You are better able to manage various financial products and gain insight into their key financial ratios and margins.


As the real-time performance data is available, you can make more accurate forecasts and adapt your sales with profit-oriented flexible planning. We provide a single solution to optimize your people, branches, and network for more efficient enterprise management.

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Advanced analytics

Our system helps you to adapt your distribution strategies to meet the changing needs of the investors and changing regulations. You can better manage cross and up sales with your existing customer base.

With a deeper understanding of customer behavior, you can improve your broker or agent channels. Both institutional and retail marketers can identify the opportunity to increase their share and new product categories and expand their revenue sources.


The BFSI industry operates in a volatile environment that is full of uncertainties. Despite the unpredictable and skeptic environment, customer satisfaction remains the top priority. Plenty of customers' information is shared with the financial institutes and insurance provides. These organizations capitalize on this information and the other hand, customers believe that the organizations must keep them informed. These implications make customer satisfaction a delicate affair.


Financial institutes are changing the game by leveraging data and data analytics. They acquire more detailed information from various sources like social media, telecom providers, etc. This helps in better cost control, risk mitigation, and revenue generation.

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Our expertise extends accross the Industries.

Retail and Wholesale Banking
Cards and Payment
Consumer Lending
Capital Markets
Wealth Management

Why Glorious Insight ?

We provide one-spot solutions for BFSI services

From retail and corporate banking to claim processing and investment management, Glorious Insight provides quality solutions for every domain in the BFSI industry.

We offer precise data analytics for revolutionary insights

Our precise data analytics help you unearth deep and valuable information regarding customer identity, authenticity, and much more, that drives profitable actions.

We provide 100% secured and customized solutions

Glorious Insight is committed to delivering exceedingly secured solutions for the BFSI applications that align with the unique needs of every service and service provider.

Use Cases

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