Power BI Services

Power BI services are focussed on delivering interactive visualization of data faster and more efficient analysis of data. These cloud-based analytic services provide a deeper understanding of data and help to make more pragmatic decisions.


Power BI Pro

Power BI pro service encourages organizations to develop a data-driven culture. The service provides resonating visualizations of data that enable decision-makers at every level to take their calls based on facts instead of their instincts. You can also collaborate with all the stakeholders of the information within and outside the organization and control access permissions accordingly.


It allows you to make data-driven decisions from anywhere and helps you stay connected with your team. At Glorious Insight we are committed to delivering quality services and following compelling features puts power IB pro higher on our priority list when it comes to BI solutions.


Power BI Premium

Every data scientist and business analyst wishes to be able to extract valuable insight quickly and share it with stakeholders easily. Power BI Premium is one of the best tools to achieve the same.


Glorious Insight Prefer this service for implementations that need advanced self-service data preparation and rapid collaboration and sharing of the same. The following features put the power BI premium ahead of its competitors.


Power BI Embedded

Power BI embedded service encapsulates the decades of experience and expertise Microsoft has in analytics and AI. For that reason, Glorious Insight picks this service when it comes to providing out-of-the-box data visualization. It is the best tool to provide personalized and certified services. The service can be accessed from anywhere using mobile devices with no individual license required.