Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation by Glorious Insight

RPA is referred to as cognitive robotics which enables the robot to identify patterns, process natural language and learn how to optimise its objectives over time.

  • Reduced operational cost : Employees will have work time to think on innovative things instead of wasting their time in repetitive task.
  • Multitasking : RPA can process many different task as long as they do not take place at the same time.
  • Never sleeps : Many of today’s digitally-enabled processes can be orchestrated to operate autonomously 24/7 driving real time transaction.
  • Data Management: Whole world is revolving around data. Uploading Deleting data and back on the day to day process. Thus, RPA can solve this problem without needing the human intervention.
  • SOP (STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE) : RPA is the software technology which mimic the human behaviour and increase the transition time more faster with greater accuracy. For Example: If banks can make faster customer query resolution than better prediction of defaulters .
  • Performance Reviews : Performance reviews can be given based on accurate metrics without the need for managers to physically monitor productivity.
  • Improved Quality & Control : RPA reduces error , produces detailed activity logs and enables programmable controls.

Human Resourses Using RPA:

  • CANDIDATE SOURCING : Company relying on HR legacy to use “bots” to automate aggregating CV’s, assessment results and interview notes using bots.
  • PAYROLL FUNCTION : Payroll Function requires repetitive processing of payroll taking into myriad regulation & company rules. While modern payroll software provides a good solution for this process.
  • HIRING & ONBOARDING : Hiring & firing is critical process for any organization & its has significant burden on HR & other support unction like IT Management, Security Management. Therefore, RPA would be better solution can deploy relatively fast & effectively.
  • SOLUTIONS : Bots services , Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning , Cognitive Intelligence and Intelligent Auto

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