Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry that develops, produces and markets drugs licensed for medications. They deal with generic/brand medications and they are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and marketing of drugs.

Pharmaceutical items help in improvising health of individuals by treating their specific sicknesses. An extensive research is emulated before these medications are let out into the business sector. Clinical testing is led before the medications are utilized for people. Later these medications achieve patients through the solutions of doctors.

How can we help:

As many Pharmaceutical companies face difficulties in managing unstructured data while trying to reduce costs at the same time. It’s estimated that 15 petabytes of new information are being generated every day, and 80% of this new information growth is unstructured content and there are a lot of approval processes in R&D and Product Sales. Pharmaceutical companies do a lot of investment in a large number of powerful servers, storage space, software packages etc., and require IT staff for handling them and these resources are not utilized properly because of the limitations. Glorious Insight can help you with this through automation of some of the processes and tasks. Equally as important this solution will help document and track the overall process.


  • BPM : BPM can help you to automate repeatable structure and rule-based orchestration of process activities across people and systems. BPM workflows can help to identify bottlenecks and make the process more efficient by figuring out which processes can occur concurrently to save time and resources. This can result in saved money as well as time as new products can potentially go to market quicker.
  • ECM : ECM helps in managing a large number of files and store them in a secure centralized storage which makes it easier to find and It can capture both paper and digital documents. with the help of extracting data, you can accelerate customer-related business processes and reduce operations cost. By implementing ECM, it reduces paper usage and storage which lead to an eco-friendly environment.

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