What Is Mobility?

ENTERPRISE MOBILE MANAGEMENT(EMM) enables IT to easily and securly manage your apps,devices,content,policies and infrastructure.Mobility and its various forms of technology can help you attain that goal. While the word “mobility” is a broad term, when relating it to effectual business practices it refers to the potential to access and share information from anywhere. When a business is successfully mobile, documents, spreadsheets and contracts can be sent with the click of a button, distributed and shared from a hotel room halfway around the world within a few minutes.

Mobility Benefits:

  • Leads to workforce productivity gains
  • Geographic independence
  • Portability
  • Enhances employee engagement
  • Access data in context
  • Optimizes business processes
  • Capture data in real time
  • Reduces IT costs
  • Supports effective customer engagement

Mobility Services and Solutions by Glorious:

Glorious Insights combines the latest for Mobility Services (in engagement models, and system integration) – to deliver innovation that matters, deepen connection with consumers, employee, business and machines on web enable device of every kind and business value that lasts beyond a few business cycles.

  • Manufacturing and Retail: Mobility can bring about outstanding efficiencies in manufacturing operations. Among large manufacturers, more than half of the process manufacturing industry and more than a third of the discrete manufacturing industry already use mobile technologies in their assembly lines.
  • Education Industry: Enterprise mobility is already making its presence strong in the field of education as well. Students are exposed to an innovative learning experience that allows them to remember lessons faster than ever before. Teachers and students from different parts of the globe can get together, irrespective of their geographical background or time zone differences.

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