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An Onboarding Transformation of Government to Digitalization

The onboarding to Government’s Digital Transformation examines the ability of digital technology to primarily transform the way the government and public sectors operate and deliver services to customers.   By digitalization, government & public sectors can provide services for citizens and businesses which meet the evolving expectations. The smart nation will be a layout for digitalization and engineering capabilities in the public sector.

Glorious Insight looks forward for implementing the digitalization in the public sector like – Oil and Gas Industry, Education, Steel Industry, Trade Finance, Indian Railways, Central Warehousing Corporation, Telecom Industry, Health Care, etc.



Glorious Insight provides various services for business transformation in E-Governance

Digital Business Automation (DBA) : Automate processes and cases for agility, visibility, and consistency across business operations with Digital Business Automation. Provides enterprise content management for secure access, document collaboration, content synchronization and sharing, and mobile support to engage users over all channels with Content Manager. Automates the process of data extraction from documents, by capturing relevant business data from millions of documents to enable essential business operations with Data cap. By managing millions of business rules and enabling rapid business change. Operational Decision Manager automates the policies and decisions.

Artificial Intelligence : Protect confidential information and detect the fraudulent with Cognitive and Artificial intelligence. AI system processes and analyse more data to provide benefit from pre-emptive analyses that are much more precise than those from human employees. AI provides faster e-governance solution and the critical decision to be made by governments is how the time won by using the best technology.

Blockchain Technology : Blockchain Provides recorded history of transactions where there is no need of cryptocurrency exchange. The distributed multiple data centers provides security against attacks on important network and hardware equipment by ensuring consensus-based access for modification. Blockchain increases secure data exchange in other industries as well.

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