Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

The global race for innovation leadership in digital manufacturing is picking up pace: two-thirds of industrial companies worldwide say that digitizing the production value chain is one of their highest priorities. Total expenditure of IT in the global includes around 25% in manufacturing segment, which is mainly because of large number of groups involved in this and it is possible to drive profits, revenue and growth. Due to this, many manufacturing companies whether in automobiles, steel, cement or other factories have turned towards IT. The liberalization of the economy has opened new opportunity for manufacturing sector. Success of manufacturing industries is contingent on research and expansion. It is crucial not only to persist competitive, but also notable advantages can be gained by developing and commercializing new technologies.




How can we help:

Glorious Insights Industrial Manufacturing practice provides guidance in such areas as Digital Manufacturing, Transformation, Product lifecycle management solutions, AI technology & BI technology, Operations, Integrated business planning, and Service-oriented architecture technologies.





  • Production Monitoring :  Production Monitoring analytics solution implement in the fraction of time and on traditional solutions cost, using the cloud such as Cloudera, Microsoft Azure & MapR IBM Cloud.
  • Product design :Product design analytics maximizes the product engineer’s efficiency through data content mining risk analytics: Quality analysis & Risk management, Quality & Risk scoring, Minimizes uncertainty of a given course of action. Production Quality analytics: Production Performance & Process Control, Energy consumption, machine maintenance, Demand & Supply planning.
  • Operations Analytics & Asset Management : Performance analysis, real-time monitoring, Optimized planning Strategic Planning & Scheduling: Planning Techniques and Management, Scheduling and Practices, Sustainability, Delay & Operations Analysis.
  • Finance Analytics : Financial budgeting, supply chain optimization (raw material & product), product improvement modelling, pricing strategy formulation, Claims Management.

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