Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

With the evolution of Industry 4.0 and Digital transformation, Indian industry is on the verge of entering a new era where it will have great responsibilities to make nation self-reliant in Defense production.

India has third largest military in the world, and world’s largest importer of the weapons. With the Globalization, India is already a large commercial and defense aircraft market. With the rise passengers and increase in military and defense expenditure, the demand for aircraft is expected to increase further.

How can we help:

With third Largest military in the world and with the rapid increase in air traffic, Industry needs to transform Digitally. Glorious Insight practice Cloud and Big Data to deal with high amount of data collected from multiple sources. In addition of AR and VR, the overall cost for research and training purpose will be reduced. With the introduction of IoT and Power BI, it is much easier to collect and analyze data in real time.

Business Benefits : Real Time data transfer to cloud, In-flight Internet connectivity, Real time performance dashboards and Fuel optimization, RFID tracking of baggage and cargo, Enhanced and adaptive training (VR, Real time pilot, Remote Drone control), Analytics-enhanced operational planning


Our Solution for your Growth

  • Modern Application Services : It focuses on development on experience orchestration platforms, utilizing DevOps life cycle, Microservices, Analytics and Cloud Services.
  • Cloud Based Intelligent business : Glorious Insight’s Cloud services encompass customer relationship management(CRM), AWS (IAAS, PAAS), analytics (Power BI, IoT).
  • Big Data : Aerospace and Defense companies are focusing on how digital transformation can help them leverage people and technology to reduce cost. With comprehensive evaluation of vast amount of data from multiple sources both Big data and Digital will play a big role in this.
  • AR and VR : Information will be displayed in worker’s visual field. It will also reduce the need for training and support and increases quality while reducing the cost.

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