Digital Business Automation

Digital Transformation | A Business Necessity

Glorious Insight Digital Business Automation solutions streamline the speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of their business operations.

Our Integrated automation capabilities are designed to:

  • Repetitive : Routine tasks can be automated using bots that supplement employees and free them for other work.
  • Administrative : This outgrowth of administrative work handles tasks that may be critical to a particular division but do not affect the entire organization.
  • Cross-enterprise: These tasks not only span work styles from high-volume to highly unique, they affect multiple other divisions in the organization.
  • Expert: This covers work that is typically increases productivity by collecting and interpreting data at a speed and scale that individuals could not physically handle on their own.

Financial Services Using DBA:

  • Business Challenge:To eliminate manual, paper-based prosses,The client needed a new business rules solution.,The client had their rules hardcoded into Java and Microsoft .NET programs, which made them immensely troublesome to reorganize.
  • Solution : By combining IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Operational Decision Manager software, it automated 50 business processes and put more than five million automated business rules in production.
  • Business Benefits : 80-90% Reduction in Manual Approval Process, 100% accuracy – Complete elimination of human errors , Maintain record of System exceptions occurred during execution, Data maintenance 95% Improved Data Maintenance, Productivity 80% Improvement in Productivity.

Manufacturing Industry Using DBA:

  • Business ChallengeTo improve its sales and inventory accord processes. ,These processes consisted of manual accord of over 4,000 reports per day. The labor-effort, repetitive and tedious work, process created a high risk of drawback.
  • Solution The client’s reconciliation process was a good fit for automation. The troubleshooting began with reviewing the existing process. Then, using IBM’s of business process, the team mapped out an optimized reconciliation process., Analyzed the technology options for the new process to ensure its functional requirements and business objectives were met. Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation software, was selected as the optimal technology.
  • Business Benefits 40% Reduction in Cycle Process., 100% accuracy – Complete elimination of human errors

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