What is DevOps?

The term DevOps originated to define a modern corporate philosophy that helps the development teams and operations teams collaborate effectively together.

The goal of DevOps is to build an environment which is faster, building better quality software quicker with more reliability and security. Adopting the DevOps into companies’ culture results in operation teams thinking more like software development teams and software development teams thinking more like operations teams resulting in better alignment and shorten feedback loops for code written.

Benefits of Implementing DevOps:

  • Increased Agility : To enable near instant change deployment
  • Increased Quality : To increase end user satisfaction
  • Improves Innovation : To increase Innovation cycles
  • Reduced Outages : Upto 80% outages are change related

DevOps 5C’s Life Cycle:

By taking care of these five stages will make you a good DevOps organization.

  • Continuous Integration: Code changes are merged with the mainline multiple times per day. TDD and unit testing make up the core of CI.
  • Continuous Delivery: Develop Code in short cycles and release often.
  • Continuous Testing: Code is continually tested to ensure quality before releasing.
  • Continuous Feedback: Determine the Current state of the project.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Real-time status of the application.

Case Study of DevOps:

TThe Client deploys and un-deploys 160-enterprise application on an average 320 times in a week. These deployments are completely manual process which is time-consuming. The client needs a solution which helps to automate this process. The client has chosen the DevOps Platform to automate deployments due to its low maintenance architecture, extensible, and scalable.

The Results

  • Decrease on the time spent on deployments by developers
  • Production deployment speed increases up to 80%
  • Faster deployment and un-deployment of new software
  • Reduced deployment-related errors and no more deployment bottlenecks

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