Business Operations

Business Operations Solutions


  • Challenges : Management Changes, Leadership Development, Workforce Training and Development, Adapting to Innovation, Compensation, Benefits Packages, Recruiting Talented Employees
  • Solutions : Compensation Management , Employee Database, Employee Lifecycle Management, Payroll Management Performance Management, Recruiting Management, Time & Attendance Management


  • Challenges : Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables, Tax Processing, Financial Analysis, Payroll Processing
  • Solutions : Analytics, Branch Optimization, Channel Management, Compliance Management, Customer Engagement, Performance Management, Risk Management


  • Challenges : Marketing ROI, Right demographic ,Lead Generation, Target Audience, Increasing ROI, Drive Traffic
  • Solutions : Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Predictive Analytics, ROI Tracking, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics


  • Challenges : Lead Funnel Efficiency, Low Social Media Engagement , Coworkers liberally assign duties
  • Solutions : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Exceptions Management, Issue Management, Multi-Year Planning, Risk Assessment


  • Challenges : Sales Follow-Up is Ineffective, Long Sales Cycles Reducing Effectiveness , Too Much Time Spent on Unqualified Prospects
  • Solutions : Call Management, Campaign Management, Channel Management, Commission Management, Contact Management, Contract Management, Customer Database, Email Marketing, Field Sales Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Performance Metrics, Proposal Generation, Referral Tracking, Sales Forecasting, Territory Management


  • Challenges : Accidental Orders , Inflexible Suppliers , Exceeding Budget , Damaged Goods , Rushed Purchases
  • Solutions :Catalog Management, Compliance Management, Contract Management, Inventory Management, Invoice Processing, Purchase Order Management, Requisitions & Approvals, Sourcing Management, Spend Management, Supplier Management

Research & Development

  • Challenges : High costs , Long timescales , Uncertain outcomes, Risk management
  • Solutions : Benchmarking, Compensation Management, Data Management, Email / Online, Face-to-Face, Panel Management, Paper-Based, Phone-Based, Statistical Analysis, Survey Management


  • Challenges : Unrealistic Goals , Poor Time Management , Planning Without Input , Lack of Communication , Carelessness or Unsafe Practices
  • Solutions : Automated Rescheduling, Bottleneck Optimization, Capacity Planning, Constraint Scheduling, Job Scheduling, Material Planning, Priority-Based Scheduling, Quality Control

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