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Glorious insight Bot services include services used to develop and deploy bots. Since bots are easy accessible, productive and cost-effective, various organizations are adopting this Bot services.The latest trend in the market which is gaining is bots as services. Robots that are used to interact with human on different platforms are termed as bots or chatbots.

Our Key Elements of BOT Services:

  • Reduce manual effort
  • Ability to predict the right options.
  • Personalization

Benefits of BOT Services:


  • Business Challenge With millions of subscribers, variety of new products, bundled and customized solutions, the operational support services like service configuration, order fulfillment, customer care, and billing are becoming increasingly complex. Hence, the cost of handling these operations require resources and different tools, thus, increasing the financial overhead.
  • Solution Chatbots provide assistance in analyzing customer behavior and also to communicate customized offers which will in turn point to increased revenue. Chatbots provide customized client service and primary interaction channel experience, and thereby improve customer retention.
  • Business Benefits Increase in revenue, Reduce operating costs ,Time-consuming and has a huge impact on the department’s performance and Productivity 80% Improvement in Productivity
  • Solution Components Chat Bots


  • In the workplace: from meeting scheduling to resolving IT issues
  • When shopping for goods: loyalty and customer service
  • At home: playing music, ordering food
  • When making decisions and lifestyle choices
  • Moving away from screens

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