Culture and Values

We do not compromise our Ethics

In Civilized life , law floats in a sea of ethics. While working there are always a place for shortcuts that many of us think of going but we at Glorious Insight have never tried shortcuts while providing service to our customers. For example, while developing a software there are times that similar things are repeated in each software. Instead of copying and pasting from previous works we do original coding and development to ensure that every product of ours remains genuine and plagiarism free. This is something that always gets ignored as no one goes so deep.




How We lead?


We at Glorious in the field of IT is similar where a leader can make changes to the society. Through his contribution in IT he can make desirable changes in the society. Data mining, artificial intelligence is one of few fields that are now making immense impact on the society. As a leader one should aspire to work in such fields in order to contribute in society building. Leadership is not about a title designation. it is about impact influence and inspiration Impact involves getting results ,influence is about spreading the passion we have for our work and we have to inspire teammate and customers

Inclusion and Diversity

When you countenance and endorse opinions that are different and unique then you promote inclusion of people into your circle or team. This is something that one should always promote in a team so that the team remains united for a common goal. When different opinions come together for something common and big, a diverse atmosphere starts to take shape and from there only innovation takes place leading to paradigm shift, transformation and growth. We at Glorious Insight believe that inclusion of diverse thoughts and people with different opinions should be something that should be our common and primary goal. This happens when the team respects the views of their peers, promotes their views, encourage them to speak different and also acknowledge their perspective. When this starts to happen employees in the firm start to feel that this place belongs to them and that is when their productivity increases to another level and they start delivering gems.

Corporate Citizen

Corporate citizenship can also be defined as when a business meets the ethical standards, legal standards and fulfils the economical responsibilities. The basic aim is to raise the level and quality of life of the society. One major factor also includes is to empower the citizens through the business. It basically refers to how business organizations and their agents actively interact with and manage their environments. In contrast, corporate social responsibility accentuates the moral obligations that business has to society.


We measure Everything Why not Governance? For us, governance is more about endowing our employees rather than giving strict orders or decree to do some task.We firmly believe that an employee can perform well only when he is given minimal pressure on the head and for this the governance should be benevolent rather than being regressive. We also instill trust in our employees so that they feel secure about their job and future. Thus,Governance is an imperative aspect within any group of institution, company, group or state. The effective governance carried out by the head of the institution decided the destiny of the institution. Therefore it is very important for a group of company or firm to do effective governance



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